Veteran Student

BridgeValley Foundation has scholarship opportunities available to students in a variety of disciplines including technology, healthcare and business. General scholarships are also available to those who qualify.

If you are a BridgeValley student interested in applying for a scholarship, please visit

Allied Health Majors

Martha Kelsey Shouldis First Year Dental Hygiene Scholarship – Awarded to first year Dental Hygiene student, judged by his/her peers, to have made the most significant improvement as a Dental Hygiene student during the academic year.  The award is to be used to assist in meeting the cost of textbooks and/or other supplies needed during the coming year.  This scholarship is awarded annually in the amount of $500.00. 

Contact person:  Amanda Jones

Martha Kelsey Shouldis Graduating Student Dental Hygiene Scholarship – Awarded to graduating students who meet established criteria as a means to support examination and fee expenses incurred in the process of obtaining dental hygiene licensure.  Scholarships may be awarded to a maximum of 3 students for $1,000 each. 

Contact person:  Amanda Jones

Poffenbarger Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship – Awarded each semester to 6 nursing/allied health students who have completed at least 15 credit hours at BridgeValley, is active in institutional and/or community service, and has maintained at least a 3.25 institutional GPA.  The award is to be used for tuition and fees, textbooks, and/or other required materials for the chosen program of study in the Health Division.  The amount awarded to each of the 6 students is $1,500. 

Contact person:  Kent Wilson –

Business Majors

Alberta Anderson Endowed Scholarship – Two scholarships in the amount of $500 are awarded twice a year.  Recipients must be in an A.S. degree-granting program and have a 2.7 GPA in their second year of enrollment.  Recipients must demonstrate an interest in seeking employment after graduation in the area of business. 

Contact person:  Kelly

Technology Majors

Bill and Brenda Casto Civil Engineering Technology Endowed Scholarship – Recipient must be a U.S. citizen, incoming freshman who is enrolled full-time in Civil Engineering Technology, preference given to veterans; can be renewed for up to four years as long as a 2.5 GPA is maintained. 

Contact person:  Norm Mortensen –

Dr. SK Mathur Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a full-time student with at least one year in Civil Engineering Technology with a 2.7 GPA, financial need, and leadership characteristics as indicated by participating in student/civic/professional associations.  Applicants must submit a completed application form; provide transcript; provide evidence of financial need; and submit an essay describing their qualifications, leadership activities, and career goals in the Civil Engineering Technology field.  One $1,000 and one $500 Scholarship awarded each summer for sophomore fall semester. 

Contact person:  Norm Mortensen –

Ralph and Jo Eary Scholarship – Full-time student enrolled in a technology or management degree program  with overall 3.0 GPA; awarded one time in fall semester; recipients may reapply. 

Contact person:  Norm Mortensen –

Homer and Marge Taylor Non-Endowed Scholarship – Recipient must be a full-time student majoring in an Engineering Technology degree program.  Recipient must maintain a 2.5 GPA with preference given to WV residents with financial need.

Contact person:  Norm Mortensen –

Diesel Technology Scholarship – Awarded to students in the Diesel Technology program.  Applicants must complete the Whayne CAT-Walker CAT Scholarship application.  Recipients must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and may receive up to $1,500 per year for program tuition and books ($750 per Fall and Spring semester for two years). 

Contact person:  Kelly Grose

Engineering Technology Scholarships – Awarded to two A.S. Engineering Tech students in the second year of enrollment, 2.7 GPA, and a family member that has worked in the mining industry. 

Contact person:  Norm Mortensen

Poffenbarger Technical Scholarship – Awarded to incoming/new students accepted in a Technology program, must complete a short application.  Scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $1,500 will be made to as many candidates as permitted by the fund's availability. 

Contact person:  Norm

Any Major Field

Roy and Martha Griffin Scholarship – First-time freshman minority student from Kanawha County, enrolled full-time with a GPA of 2.75.  Award amount $1,500 per year to be paid in two installments of $750 fall semester and $750 spring semester.

Contact person:  Todd Jones –

General Scholarships – Full-time transfer student with a 3.0 GPA with at least 15 credit hours earned.  Award amount of $1,000 per year to be paid in two installments of $500 fall semester and $500 spring semester.

Contact person:  Todd Jones –