Planned Giving


Through their generosity and caring, our alumni and friends often provide support and overall enhancement of the educational experience for BridgeValley students. These donations provide not only scholarship opportunities, but also educational program development that would be impossible with state funding alone. Their gifts impact not only the BridgeValley students, but also the lives of those in our community, which enriches our entire region. Even with all they do, many friends would like to provide even further assistance, if only they were able.

Planned giving options can make it possible for a donor’s gift to have surprising significance for BridgeValley and its students, all at a low cost to the donor. Your gift can have a significant impact – it can make the kind of difference many friends of the BridgeValley Foundation aspire to make, with a little foresight and planning.  These gifts make a lasting mark, ensuring a level of support that magnifies the ability to fulfill the mission of BridgeValley as well as allowing the giver the personal satisfaction of making a difference.