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BridgeValley empowers individuals to discover and reach their full potential by providing an affordable college education in an atmosphere emphasizing civic responsibility and accountability. A recent WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research report shows BridgeValley’s total economic impact on the region is $30.1 million. 

This is quite a return on the estimated $8 million in funds we receive from West Virginia taxpayers. 

Discover BridgeValley Foundation

About BridgeValley

BridgeValley Community and Technical College promotes student success, prepares a skilled workforce, and builds tomorrow’s leaders by providing access to quality education.  BridgeValley strives to be the college of opportunity for a diverse population of a six-county region including Fayette, Raleigh, Nicholas, Clay, Putnam and Kanawha counties. The college operates two campuses in Montgomery and South Charleston, along with the addition of the Advanced Technology Center.